We have included lots of Advanced Instruments with the HAV Hosting Web Control Panel. These tools can help you do effortless tasks such as guarding a folder using a security password or more advanced ones such as, as an example, adjusting the PHP build of your account. Despite the duties they do are very different, each of the Advanced Instruments have a single thing in common. They’re genuinely simple to use and call for absolutely no particular knowledge from you.

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself from data transfer theft

Whenever you make unique content material there’ll always be someone that will try to use it without having your permission. It is applicable both to written text and photos. And here, the Hotlink Protection tool built into HAV Hosting’s Web Control Panel will truly help you out. With simply a click, you are going to guard all visuals within your site by preventing other websites from connecting to them.

Using this method, you will not only prevent others from stealing your images, but you’ll at the same time ensure that you follow your monthly data traffic limit.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic building of .htaccess files

Integrated inside the HAV Hosting Web Control Panel you can get .htaccess Generator – an impressive instrument, which enables you to produce .htaccess files while not having to generate them by yourself. Our tool calls for absolutely no expertise and absolutely no familiarity with .htaccess file management.

With an .htaccess file, you can quickly reroute several web pages of one’s website or even the complete site to a completely new area. You can even make use of it to safeguard a directory by using a password or even to have PHP code within HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malevolent IPs from ever accessing your web site

When you’ve got a well–ranked site, sooner or later you become a victim of spammers and malicious site visitors. You’ll be able to secure all of your sites from such actions when using the IP blocking tool incorporated into our Web Control Panel. The tool can help you timely prevent an IP address or possibly a full range of IPs by using a mouse–click.

Joined with our complete web stats and the GeoIP redirection instruments, this IP Blocking tool will help you properly control the entry to your site.

IP Blocking