We have introduced a collection of Website Accelerators in the Web Control Panel to assist you to quickly boost the overall functionality of your sites. You will not have to change anything at all with the code or generate particular configurations that demand technical expertise from you. Inside the Web Control Panel, merely opt for the tool you wish to employ – Node.js, Varnish and Memcached and create an instance for it. It’s all finished with a click. By speeding up your sites, you’ll not just prevent your visitors from being required to wait around but also will make your web site get a better position in search engine results.

You can find the Website Accelerators in the Advanced Instruments section of the Web Control Panel.


RAM–caching as an alternative to database queries

In case you have a lively database–operated site or web app, it may well have problems loading swiftly for the visitors due to the different calls delivered to the database. To aid you fix the web page running difficulty, we have bundled the Memcached system in the Web Control Panel.

Memcached is known as an impressive distributed memory caching platform, which saves information and also objects in the server’s RAM to prevent the data base from getting queried whenever a visitor loads a certain web page. This way, your website pages will start quicker for website visitors and definately will boost the opportunity for them to return.

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RAM–memorizing rather than HTTP requests

If you’ve got content–heavy active sites with numerous pictures as well as video clips, you will without a doubt need to ensure that your web pages stream very quickly for the visitors. An exceptional instrument you should use is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that can help you quicken your websites without needing you to possess any special technical capabilities.

Varnish saves all demands to the web server in the server memory and ships the pages immediately to the visitor by evading fresh calls towards the web server. By doing this, all web pages on your web site are going to be opened 300 – 1000x times more quickly for your visitors. You can also pick if the inbound requests will be dealt with by Varnish, or by the server, etc.

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Designed for developing quick and then flexible web applications

Web programmers can make use of Node.js with regard to putting together all kinds of high–end and cost–efficient applications including enterprise measurement platforms, live apps and website CMS, to name some. It’s super fast and scalable and is also supported by an active online community that is continuously improving and sustaining it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that produces the API flexible and extensible. This kind of brand–new method permits programmers to easily produce top rated apps by only using one particular language.

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